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FPA Breakfasts: The Best Deal in Town

The following are comments from FPA of Miami Board Member Steve Taylor, JD, CFP® following the July 10th breakfast "Building Your Practice Through Marketing & Networking", A breakfast session presented by Angela Moore CFP®, CRPC®, CFEI (Modern Money Advisor) and Peter C. Leighton, M.S. Ed., Director of Marketing & Client Relationships (Chepenik Trushin LLP).

Peter Leighton presenting to the FPA breakfast

When I learned about these breakfasts and we developed a plan to bring value to our members and attendees in these breakfasts, this morning was the culmination of this vision. We had CPAs, Plastic Surgeons, Students, Advisors, Care Managers, Marketing Consultants (and a few others I didn't get titles) at the table sharing thoughts and ideas. The presentations by Peter and Angela were tremendous in their clear and distinct message, steps to take to accomplish your goals and the dove tailing of each of their techniques to help you find a sweet spot. The collegial nature of the attendees, tremendous breadth of scope of the different backgrounds and the interaction was exactly what we envisioned these breakfasts to be and that was accomplished.


  • Build your business through developing "constructs" which is teaching your brain to align business people and open doors for other people that are intentional and make sense.

  • Always be Educating people, differentiating yourself and motivating people to action.

  • Triple A - Appreciate your contacts, Articulate your message and be Active in connecting.

  • Relationships are all about Problem Solving.

  • You MUST track your activities to see what is working.

  • For a marketing funnel you need to Create Awareness, Create Interest, Capture Information and Nurture leads.

  • What happens when someone Googles you? Are you invisible or is there information on you?

  • Put out content that speaks ONLY to your Ideal client.

  • Finally, you need both to create a Word of Mouth Marketing Group and an Online Marketing funnel. How much you use of each is up to you, but you MUST do both. So when it comes to Networking and Marketing, just "DO YOU."

Hope to see everyone at the August 14th event of "Selling your Advisory Business" at the Offices of Evensky and Katz. Please reach out to all of your contacts in ANY TYPE of advisory business who may be interested to sell in the next 3 - 5 years and please encourage them to come.


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