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Junior Achievement® Videos - Inspire the next generation!!

Junior Achievement ® - needs your help!

All you need is your cell phone and an urge to inspire the next generation. With your device on a tripod or propped up on books, you’ll answer several questions like: What did you learn from your first job? What did your education path look like? What advice would you give your younger self?

This collection of videos will inspire the children who watch them, demonstrating so many different paths

that can be taken to achieve their goals. No two are the same. Perhaps a student will watch your video and be inspired to pursue a career in your industry or relate to your story in a way that changes their life...

Email Adam Brinson at to sign up or request more information.

Filming Guidelines for JA Video Volunteers per the attached info packet.

Volunteer Info Packet - JA Speaker Serie
Download • 678KB

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