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Member Spotlight Interview: Jonathan G. Cameron, CFP ®

Jonathan Cameron received his career calling at age 17 when he realized his parents were worried about having enough money for retirement. Propelled by concern for his loved ones, he began researching retirement strategies and gathering information on financial planning that he could share with his parents.

Homeschooled, along with his siblings for most of K-12 with an emphasis on a classical education, Jonathan received a B.A. in English at FIU. He always knew he wanted to be in business, but disliked his business courses. Jonathan’s sophomore year college advisor, who was also his English professor, told him “It might take longer to break into the business world with an English degree, but in 10 years you will be everyone else’s boss” and he never forgot that.

His love of the English language along with a passion for the finest classic authors shaped Jonathan and groomed him for a financial planning career. After graduation, he worked in the financial advisory business at a few giant firms for 7-8 years before launching his own Registered Investment Advisory firm, CameronDowning, in 2014.

As our current FPA Miami chapter President, Jonathan said, “I’m thrilled to be part of a growing financial planning movement that is bigger than me.” According to Jonathan, “offering sound financial advice in a client’s best interest sounds like a no-brainer, but the year is 2019 and anyone can still legally call themselves a financial planner or financial advisor.” Being involved in FPA links him to many other financial professionals who are trying to change that.

Advisors who specialize in different areas have become great referral partners, especially other CFP® professionals who focus only on investment management. “It’s been great working with other CFP® professionals," says Jonathan. "I love the collegial nature of the FPA organization.”

Jonathan’s practice at CameronDowning focuses on Entrepreneurs and Attorneys in their 30s and 40s with lots of debt, little to no investible assets and $150-200k+ in household income. Their lives are busy so they understand the value of paying a professional fee for financial advice. For this client demographic, he offers financial planning packages, long term planning on a monthly subscription basis, and what he calls à la carte planning when someone needs help with one immediate goal or concern.

Jonathan says, "The FPA really has been a blessing in many ways. I’ve made great long term friendships, and rubbing shoulders with others in the organization has been an excellent source of professional development."

When asked if there’s a guiding principal that motivates him, Jonathan replied, “It’s quite simple ... While I don’t typically express this in client financial planning meetings, I hope people will perceive and remember my work with them as an act of love. I truly care about my clients, and I hope that somehow I can be helpful to them in a lasting way.”

-Interview by Pamela Kirkpatrick

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