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Ram Shastri joins the FPA of Miami Board!

Ram Shastri

Tax Attorney

Richards & Partners, PA

Helping people has always been an integral part of Ram Shastri’s life.

Both Shastri’s parents are physicians who emigrated from India to Michigan, where Ram was born and raised.

Encouraged to follow in his parents’ footsteps, Shastri instead chose to help others in a different way, by managing their financial affairs as a tax and estate-planning attorney.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in political science from Kalamazoo College, Shastri earned his law degree from Texas Southern Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 2007 and began practicing in Miami.

But a few years into practicing commercial litigation, Shastri went back to school full time at the University of Miami to earn his master’s degree in taxation in order to pursue his true passion in law: tax and estate planning. Now with Richards & Partners, Shastri says he enjoys helping international individuals and small businesses with their global estate planning and tax planning matters. The international tax aspect is more fulfilling to him because that was the area that was most challenging and interesting to him when he was earning his master’s degree in taxation.

“It’s something I always wanted to do,” Shastri says. Besides, he adds, Miami’s international status is the ideal location for this kind of work. “Not a lot of people are doing it, it’s a good niche.”

Shastri says he’s always been interested in financial planning and will be one of the international practitioners charged with leading the international subcommittee of the Financial Planning Association of Miami’s practice management group. “It’s in the infancy stage, so we’ll be meeting with other international advisers to get a better idea as to the topics that will be addressed and the vision of the group,” says Shastri, who joined the FPA of Miami’s board this year.

Between his busy law practice and raising two young children with his wife, Helen Joy Gallego, an immigration attorney, Shastri sneaks in the occasional tennis match. “I’m still a big fan of tennis,” says Shastri, who also stays in shape by working out early in the morning. “My hobbies have been restricted,” he chuckles.

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