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Thriving in a Virtual World | June 10&17 2021

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Rewatch this two-part session entitled - Thriving in a Virtual World (June 10th & 17th) - These sessions are made possible by the generosity of FPA of Miami Partner Carillon Towers - Julian Lane



The sessions are led by Colin C Lake. CIMA®

There is a lot of talk on "what" Financial Advisors should do, and even more on "why" they should do it...and far too few ideas and discussions on "how" to do it within in the confines of my practice. This teaser for "HOW Advisors are Excelling in this Virtual Environment" shares how Developing the Next Leaders delivers this content to Advisors across the country.

Explainer Video

Colin C Lake. CIMA® Founder/President 5 Whispering Pine Drive Ste. 100

Westborough MA 01581 860.490.6959

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